What Makes GCM Event Management Stand Out

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About GCM Event Management

We are an ambitious event management company in Utah, specializing in organizing innovative retail events. We began offering our direct sales and marketing services in February 2018.

Initially, we opened with a team of four, two clients, and one retailer. However, within twelve months, we expanded to serve over twenty-five clients, with four retailers and- a team of over thirty people.

Our team helps companies connect with consumers on a massive level by becoming experts in their industry and representing their brand in big-box retailers. It allows these firms to spread awareness of their products and services nationwide.

We serve clients across Northern Utah and generally cover a fifty-mile radius of Salt Lake.

The GCM Event Management Difference

Our philosophy is that we are not in the sales business but the people business, and as such, our budding employees are our greatest asset. Therefore, we invest in finding, training, and empowering individuals who want to work hard and get rewarded for their effort. 

We also organically grow and mentor managers rather than hiring from the outside. For us, internal growth makes the most sense and fits with our corporate culture.

One aspect that makes us second to none is our management training program. Our founder graduated from the training program before starting his own business, and he aspires to offer the same opportunity to self-motivated go-getters.

Our merit-based training program is designed to teach and develop leaders from the ground up. Therefore, instead of taking three to five years to train, we’ve designed it to take no longer than twelve months to climb the corporate ladder.

Our candidates start at entry-level and work their way up until they know every position through comprehensive training, as we want them to manage and oversee an entire territory one day. However, it depends on their individual goals and motivation.

What also sets us apart is that we generate sales inside the retailers’ facilities, making our events a revenue-generating asset and not an expense like most marketing avenues. Our approach has made us achieve noteworthy success, even during challenging times.

As a result, one of our most significant achievements has been getting back to work after COVID-19 hit. Like many industries, our operations were impacted considerably, and we went from a cozy office space to working remotely, where we discovered the joys and sorrows of Zoom, while Clorox became white gold. 

The pandemic also showed us how important it is to stay connected, and the solidarity within our team remained robust throughout. 

Consequently, we did a test relaunch in June of 2020 and were able to show our retail partners that we could operate safely inside their stores and interact with their customers while adhering to the CDC guidelines. 

We followed it up with an official relaunch in November 2020, and since then, we have grown to two shows and four people in only two months. It’s also made us realize that what we’ve achieved in the past does not matter as much as what we are currently doing, as the future is forward, not backward. 

Our vision for the next twelve months is to expand into two new locations locally in Salt Lake, and then from there, we endeavor to expand across the country. We want to do so with the creative rockstars we’ve developed in-house.

2020 has been a year of innovation, and as we go into 2021, we are focused on finding sharp and motivated individuals that want to contribute to our brand story. We also want to maintain our team culture whether we have five hundred or five thousand talented recruits.

It’s Not For The Faint Of Heart

If you’ve got excited about what we can offer you and would like a shot at the big time, our advice is to be prepared to face challenges, fail many times as you learn new skills, and put in the sweat equity. 

Nothing comes for free in this role, and everything gets earned. As our people are a cut above, rewards come back to them in abundance. We also do not hire employees who want to do the same job forever. Instead, we hire highly motivated, performance-driven individuals of strong moral and character who want to reach for the stars and take on more responsibility. That type of person will outperform an average employee any day of the week.

Finally, our industry is fast-paced, and our crew needs to perform at a high-level to be the best version of themselves every day as our business consists of dealing with people. 

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